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WeOurFamily provides an environment for people to safely share without giving up privacy, security, or ownership of their content.

The WeOurFamily Social Network


From the early stages of drafting, WeOurFamily was designed to focus on privacy. Unlike many other social networking sites where privacy features were added after launch due to external pressures from their users or governmental action, WeOurFamily alters the paradigm of privacy from implicit sharing to explicit sharing. The system also keeps track of who views which content and it enables members to discontinue sharing at any time in order to further empower members to control their own privacy.


WeOurFamily uses 128-bit SSL encryption--the same level of encryption used to secure online banking transactions--for all communication through the member site, This ensures that our members' information, whether it is innocuous or highly sensitive, is guarded agains common attacks like man-in-the-middle attacks, packet sniffing and inspection, and phishing attempts.


Unlike nearly every other advertiser-supported social networking site, we make no claims to the ownership or license of our members' content. We only present our members' content in a manner directly managable by the owning member. Members' content is never used in marketing nor is it ever sold. All rights and licenses to content are held by the member in a manner consistent with applicable law.

Core Features

Content -- WeOurFamily makes it possible to create blogs or journals, notes, and articles with an easy-to-use word processor. It also enables members to upload photos and files with ease. Our system is capable of processing a variety of file types into web-friendly formats in order to facilitate content sharing among members.

Community -- People are at the core of WeOurFamily, which is why our community features enable simple and easy-to-use tools to invite people to use the system. Members can also arrange their community members into different groups, which can be used to share content with later.

Sharing -- The key component of WeOurFamily, the explicit sharing model promotes privacy by not unconsciously and automatically making content available to any group of people. Members have full control over who has access to view any content, and the system keeps track of those members who have actually viewed the content. At any time, a member may alter or revoke the sharing privileges of any of their content. All privilege changes are real-time and take effect immediately.