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How does WeOurFamily work?

It's simple!

The cost is $21.99 for a one year subscription which includes up to three Editors (email accounts that can upload content).

Sign up for an account, and you will immediately be able to share content--photos, blogs, messages, documents, and more--with anyone that you specifically choose to share it with. All of your content on WeOurFamily is securely encrypted and kept private. You choose who gets to see each and every piece of content that you add to your account. Plus, the people you invite to your community can see the content you have shared with them and leave comments for you for free!

We have created several demo videos to show how easy it is to use WeOurFamily.

Sharing content is easy:

  • Build your community by inviting people through WeOurFamily using email addresses
  • Add your content: Upload pictures, documents, or other files, or write a journal or a note
  • Share content with the members of your community

WeOurFamily also enables you to keep content private, so that only you can access it. Just simply do not share the content with anyone in your community.

We use industry-standard SSL encryption when you access your content to ensure the most secure experience possible.

Who is the Customer?

You are at WeOurFamily!

Think of a fisherman's net: In Facebook and the like, you are the fish caught in their net. They sell you to the local (or not so local) restaurant owner who thinks you will look good on their menu! In other words you are not Facebook or other social networking sites customer!  Large corporations (advertisers) are their customers. So who do you think Facebook and the like are really going to try to please?  With WeOurFamily you are the customer - thus the membership fee. Your content is not being sold to corporations or advertisers! You will not get annoying ads displayed in your content area. Nor is anyone (corporation or government agency) watching the content! (See this article from for an example of this type of surveillance happening.)

Subscribe during Beta and get more time!

To say thank you and reward all those who subscribe durning the Beta period, we will extend their annual subscription 12 months after beta is declared over. 

So subscribe now and your annual subscription will be much longer then 12 months, for the same low price of $21.99.